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Sad to Have to Say the Vegetarian Club Has Closed


The Vegetarian Club held an organizational meeting in the conference room at the Gathering Place on July 12, 2012. After many years of a highly successful run featuring 10 monthly programs each year, suddenly at the end of the June 2011 program season, no one was willing to serve as the central organizer of club activities and the wonderful, well-attended dinners (which often drew up to 60 – 70 diners).

From September 2011 to May 2012, the club continued to exist on a much-diminished level, holding four more diners for which several members volunteered to assume responsibility for one month each time. Attendance fell off dramatically, and by July 2012, it was clear that the club could no longer be sustained.

So, sadly we have to officially announce that the club has ceased to function. The remaining treasury was given to the CORA food bank in Pittsboro, where it will help to provide food for families in need.

To all those (who are too numerous to list individually here) who made this such a wonderful club over the years, we all say THANK YOU for your great work, and we wish that things had not come to this state of affairs. Sometime, perhaps there will be a renewed interest, which can be matched by commitment, when the club could return to active status.  

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