Website Help & FHA Contacts

Website Help & FHA Contacts

In an effort to make it easier for residents to find information and get help, we have made what we hope is an easy-to-use online form to communicate by email with FHA or website support.

The form is linked on most of the website pages on the lower right. Look for this: GET HELP or CONTACT FHA.

If you are logged in to the website when you click the link, you will see some brief instructions with two boxes: one for the subject of your communication, and the second for a message. The subject box has some computer magic in it, but it’s meant to be as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Start typing the topic about which you are writing in the Subject box.
  2. The “magic” will show you a list of topics which match what you typed.
  3. Click the topic that most closely describes why you are writing, and it will appear in the Subject box.

If you can’t see an appropriate topic in the list that’s presented, erase what you’ve written and try a more general topic. For example, if you start to type “House color” no matches will be found. But if you type “Covenants” you’ll find an exact match. If you don’t find anything after one or two tries, click the  symbol next to “Subject:” to see a complete list of available topics. (You may need to scroll down to see all the available topics.) If you see one that applies, click it to choose the subject. If not, choose “Other Question or Comment” and proceed.

Some of the selectable topics have been addressed on the website. For these, a popup-type box will appear after the selection with more information and/or links. Please check the available online help, if shown, before sending your email to save yourself time.

If you use the new form and are not logged-in, you will have two extra boxes to fill out to let us know your name and email address.

Why Did We Do This?

The main reason was to try and direct your inquiries to the right person or people. Each of the email addresses associated with the website has a particular function on the website, the FHA Board, or the FHA Office. We hope that using this form, which selects the appropriate email associated with each topic, with save everyone time and frustration by getting the correspondence to the right person right away rather than having it bounce around until someone takes ownership of it.