What’s in Your Closet?

What’s in Your Closet?


Scarf 2You loved it when you saw it in the store, and it was on final sale. You had to have it!! You bought it and took it home. But later, you discovered that fuchsia clashes with everything else in your entire wardrobe.Scarf 1

Check your closet, shelves and jewelry box to clean out forgotten treasures and make way for your new finds!

Donate gently used scarves, jewelry and handbags to Dress It Up, the Women of Fearrington accessory sale. Do you have some items that you used to wear with a specific outfit that you no longer own? Donate them and give them new lives in someone else’s wardrobe. Have you changed hair color and discovered that all the wonderful scarves that were great when you were a blond don’t look so good with your auburn hair? Donate them and give them new lives. We also support re-gifting when one’s person’s ick is another person’s ooh la la, and will happily accept such donations. Donate them and give them new lives.  

The Dress It Up accessory sale will take place on Nov. 15 in The Gathering Place from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. After your exhaustive search for treasures new to you among the donations, you can also pick up homemade goodies that you can enjoy now or freeze to make your holiday entertaining easier.

Be among the first to donate your accessory treasures by taking them to the following drop-off points:

Betsy Anderson – 20 Yancy (E. Camden) – 919-533-6290

Jane Welsch – 848 Langdon (Bush Creek) – 919-533-6118

Nancy Wilson – 921 Woodham (Bush Creek) – 919-542-3959


Bring your donation/s to the September or October meeting. The deadline for donations is Friday, November 7.

In addition, volunteer to bake for the Bake Shop or help with Dress It Up sales. It’s a good way to get to know other women who belong to WoF. 


carrot cakePumpkinPie

Come join the fun!

The Women of Fearrington funds projects that aid Chatham County’s women and children.